Serious, active involvement, professionalism and passion
These are the archdesign teams attributes. Since 2003 we were able to grow with our partners in all areas of design and offer complete customer service and quality. Since the first thoughts and concepts to real estate, our involvement was always amplifying designer-client relationship to the rank of friendship. Using the latest technologies in architectural design and updated information about construction materials, we could always offer customers the best solutions in terms of functional, aesthetic and financial. Please visit our website and contact us with confidence anytime you need complete design services.



Office & mixed-use buildings

Office and mixed-use buildings represent our office's main field of work.

We are prepared to take the challenge of designing even the more complex projects, ensuring the most optimal solutions and the best services to our clients. Considering the financial aspect related to this type of project, we strive to provide the best building cost optimization solutions during the entire construction phase of the building.

Additionally, the green and sustainable construction technologies will always bring a tremendous advantages to our clients, mainly in the shape of fee and tax deductions.

A mixed-use building or an office building can be regarded as a symbol of our firm's building design policy, being also an emblematic type of edifice in the urban environment.

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