About us

About us



Our architecture office offers complete design services, thanks to partnerships with established collaborators in the areas of architecture. From the architectural concept phase to the delivery of the technical design project, our team will help you get through all the design phases with maximum efficiency and optimal solutions. The endorsement department will take over the tasks of submitting and obtaining the permits required by the urbanism certificate, and the design department will be responsible for identifying the most efficient and aesthetic technical solutions for your project.





Victor Mihăilescu

Senior Architect – Founder / General Manager

Iulia Popuța-Clean

Senior Architect

Claudiu Popa

Senior Designer

Ariadna Achim


Cerasela Preotescu


Oriana Feneșan


Sabina Pînzariu


Roxana Popescu


Andrea Simon

Junior Architect

Aszalos Botond-Dániel

Junior Architect

Andrada Gligore

Office Manager

Michaela Mihăilescu

GIS Expert



2021 . 10

New archdesign headquarter

After 18 years of activity,  we wanted to have our own headquarter building in order to be more productive and to offer a better design experience to our clients.

2021 . 05

18 years of archdesign

The 18th anniversary celebration is an important event in everyone’s life. Also in our case, the first 18 years helped us grow and consolidate our position on the architectural design market. Happy anniversary ARCHDESIGN!

2020 . 04

Inauguration of cbc campus

One of our most complex projects has come to an end. The inauguration of CBC campus offers a new perspective of live/work concept.

2018 . 05

15 years of Archdesign

15 years ago, Victor Mihailescu founded ARCHDESIGN. The purpose of the Architecture Office was to provide general and architectural design services, customized for each client, to the highest degree of professionalism and seriousness. Effective communication with clients and collaborators has been and has remained one of the main concerns of the ARCHDESIGN team.

2018 . 01

interview to the Arhispec magazine

Victor Mihailescu gave an interview to the Arhispec magazine. Refer to pages 16-17 in the link below. Thank you Arhispec for your interest in our architecture office


2017 . 10

Architectural perspective on CBC and trends in the office building market

Cluj Business Campus is a soul project for our architecture office. Having the beneficiary partner involved in all the development phases of the projects helpt us to get the best functional, aesthetic and financial solutions in order to offer quality to the end-users.


2016 . 01

we launched the YouTube ARCHDESIGN channel

In order to be more interactive with our projects and activities, we launched the YouTube ARCHDESIGN channel.


2015 . 10

Inauguration of the CBC 2 office building

We have launched the new body of the Cluj Business Campus complex with a dynamic 3D visualizual architecture. We have achieved this visual effect by using a ceramic dye applied on the glass of the curtain wall through a sieve. This way we were able to maintain a high degree of transparency, and we also had the desired architectural effect.

2015 . 10

Transylvania Architecture Biennale

Our team participated in the biennial competition with two projects, CBC 2 office building and Slatina Polivalenta Hall.

2013 . 05

10 years of archdesign

In 2003 I’ve started the challenge through small projects. Now, after the first decade, we are proud of over 200 projects in the country and abroad. Thank you!