Tg. Mureș plateau

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The longest-running project of our office was the development of the Cornești Plateau in Târgu Mureș. The development involved the restoration of the avenues and car and pedestrian platforms, running tracks, playgrounds and sports, lengthening and modifying the route of the amusement train. Design of a main station with roller coaster garage, several intermediate stations, an outdoor amphitheater with artist and prop spaces, an artesian fountain and a skate park.

In the descent area towards the city, a special mountain bike track has been set up, with a separate route for descent and ascent. The entire set is in constant change, our project joining several projects aimed at leisure.

LOCATION: Târgu Mureș
STATUS: executed 2016
AREA: 97.000 sqm
TEAM: Bogdan Haidu, Dragoș Arnăutu, Horațiu Galos, Georgiana Ciceo, Victor Mihăilescu