Testimonialele clientilor nostri

  • Tudor Turcu-David

    Before you start a large scale project you think about the difficulties you have to face, and you gather information from people who have gone through similar experiences. Most of my friends opinion regarding the building design process were not very omptimistic : "you need at least a year to obtain the building permit" , "the local authorities will spin...

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  • Daniela & Bogdan Culda

    We were looking for an architecture office to design our house for several months and, since our medium sized plot was on difficult terrain, we couldn't find any architect to make out what we needed. After chatting with Victor, we noticed that he figured out our wishes and designed a project that successfully blends both elegance and modernity, being exactly...

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  • Iulian Docea

    After having worked with some of the most prolific and famous architecture firms in the city, which are known for their excellent architects, and having an unsatisfying experience with them - the phone calls went unanswered after the money transfers were made, the deadlines were extended indefinitely and meetings were often canceled, I often felt that I was involved in...

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  • Alexandra Stoica, Grup DAS.

    If I were to define the work done by archdesign, I would describe it in two words: “professionalism and creativity”. They are the two key features in a world dominated by competition, where you must continually prove you are the better, more fetching and creative one. The age of speed is dedicated to those who overcome jabber or images void...

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  • Alexandru Moldovan

    I have benefited from an open and flexible collaboration with the archdesign team. My project was continually enhanced depending on my necessities and the on-site building progress. The quality of the architectural design had an important role in the successful sale of the property....

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